Gakken Educational

Company overview

  • Name: Gakken Educational Co., Ltd.
  • Address: 11-8 Nishigotanda 2-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8411
  • TEL. 03-6431-1100
  • Established: October 1, 2009
  • Fiscal term: September
  • Capital: 50,000,000 yen (as of October 1, 2009)

Officers and Directors

  • President, Representative Director: Kazuhiko Fukuzumi
    Executive Directors: Hideki Yamamoto, Tetsuji Yamashita, Atsushi Kawabata, Satoshi Aoki
    Corporate Auditor: Yoshiaki Kageyama

Group history

1946 Founded Gakken Co., Ltd
1947 Gakusyu Kenkyusha incorporated and reorganized as a corporation
1980 Gakken Classrooms open classrooms for arithmetic, mathematics, and Japanese
1984 Company listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1986 Gakken Classrooms begin English instruction for junior high school students
1988 Gakken CAI Schools begin instruction
2000 Gakken Withnet placement business for private tutors established
2002 Gakken Classrooms offer Science Experiment Classrooms
2004 Gakken Correspondence Courses in Science and Social Studies offered
2005 Established Gakken Methods
Gakken Correspondence Course in Writing and Composition offered
Jun. 2006 ANCES, Inc. (Tokyo Gakuen) and ANCES Child Educational Institute become wholly-owned subsidiaries. The combined company, Gakken Quest, is established on October 1.
Dec. 2006 Tohoku Best Studies Co., Ltd. (Asunaro Gakuin) become wholly-owned subsidiaries.
Mar. 2007 Capital and business alliance formed with Turtle Study Staff Co., Ltd.(Gakken's home teachers) begin instruction
Apr. 2007 Net Gakken Classrooms begin instruction
Gakken Correspondence "New Directions" Course offered
May. 2007 Company acquires 100% of Showa Gakkan (Showa Co., Ltd.). Name changed to Gakken Seminar Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2007 Gakken Classrooms/ Z-Kai Course begin instruction
Dec. 2007 Capital alliance formed with HOT LINE, Inc. Business resumes as Aizu Preparatory Schools
Feb. 2008 Business alliance formed with WASEDA ACADEMY CO., Ltd (business alliance continues with SHUBUNSHA, CO., Ltd.)
Mar. 2008 SHUBUNSHA, CO., Ltd. and WASEDA SINGAPORE PTE.Ltd become wholly-owned subsidiaries.
Aug. 2008 Gakken Building moved
Capital and business alliance formed with Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2009 Capital and business alliance formed with Waseda School Co., Ltd. and Sozo Gakuen Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2009 Business transfer from EIM Co., Ltd. (Taishi Seminar), Fukushima Best Study Co., Ltd. established
Oct. 2009 Gakken Co., Ltd becomes a holding company. Name changed to Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. Established Gakken Educational Co., Ltd. to take in charge of Gakken Group's educational and preparatory school businesses.

Business overview

Business activities


Gakken Classrooms (3yrs old through junior high school students)

Using educational materials that cater to students' individual strengths, our educational classrooms develop kids' scholastic confidence while supporting them in discovering the joy of learning.

Gakken Science Experiment Classrooms (6yrs old through 6th graders)

Allowing kids to watch fascinating experiments firsthand develops their intellectual curiosity and drives them to ask, “Why?” Our experiments foster a love for science.

Net Gakken Classrooms (Pre-school to junior high school students)

Digital Gakken educational materials allow students to study online whenever they like. Our Fun Cartoon Feedback feature allows kids to participate in interactive animated classroom with instructor feedback.

Net Science Classroom (early childhood through elementary school pupils)

Our Science Experiment Kit allows kids to conduct their own fascinating experiments and then use the Guidebook to understand what they experienced. They can then use the internet as a guide to the experiment demonstrations, a three-pronged approach to developing their interest in science.

Gakken Classrooms/ Z-Kai Courses (junior high school students)

Gakken Classrooms and Z-Kai collaborate to lead children to develop correct study habits, which gives them the self-motivation to think up and answer their own questions.


Hoppen Club (infants from 4 month old through final year in kindergarten)

Stimulate children's intellectual curiosity using educational materials, teaching aids and science play. Foster kids' vitality by developing their creativity, knowledge of letters and numbers, and general intelligence.

Class Felice (infants from 2 years old through final year in kindergarten)

Activate kids' minds with original IQ development materials for young children. Stimulate kids' brains to give them a solid base for learning and promote independence.

Gakken CAI School

Gakken CAI School

CAI stands for computer-aided instruction. Unique CAI School screen learning programs are preparatory schools that utilize information technology in a way that allows individualized instruction and a smooth learning process.

Educational materials for preparatory schools

Gakken Gokaku Net (4th through 6th graders taking junior high entrance examinations)

Gakken Gokaku Net, or Gnet for short, is a general term for the cooperative network that links all preparatory schools for junior high school entrance examinations throughout Japan.

Areas of new business development

Gakken Correspondence Courses (early childhood through junior high school students)

Choose from four correspondence courses: (1) Arithmetic, English, and Japanese; (2) Science and Social Studies; (3) Writing and Composition; or (4) Measure for Public unified lower and upper secondary schools. Courses feature instructional steps that meet individual needs, develop academic motivation, and let kids experience the joy of learning.

Gakken Kido Maako Art School (infants 4 years old through 3rd graders)

This innovative art school targets kids ages 4–9, who are at the height of their creative development. The unique curriculum focuses on the growth of children in this age group to help their imaginations blossom.

Next-generation Education

Educational career course for children

Designed as a third area to complement learning through educational materials and science education, these courses present a curriculum that promotes the continuing educational careers of elementary and junior high school students.